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You must complete each required field for the form to be successfully submitted. E-mail is the primary means of communication. Please ensure that we always have your current e-mail address to guarantee that you receive all information relevant to this application. 
Submitting an application means you accept STEMCivics's policies and procedures.

If your child is admitted, you must maintain a copy of the Transfer Card and our form indicating that is signed by a STEMCivics official as proof of submitting all relevant documents.
Please print a copy for your records before submitting this form.
We realize you have a choice in schools. Thank you for your interest in STEMCivics.
Admissions Form
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(When applying for multiple children in your household for the lottery please submit a separate application for each child. Not all siblings are guaranteed acceptance if one or more is chosen through the random selection process. If a space is not available in the selected grade for a sibling of the selected student, the sibling will be placed on the sibling wait list.)
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Due to limited space at STEMCivics, if a lottery is neede, all applications are placed into a lottery. Depending on the number of seats that may or may not be available in any particular grade, your child may or may not be admitted. For example: if your child has applied for a seat in the 9 th grade and he/she is selected number 1 in the drawing, then he/she will be admitted if there is a seat available in 9th grade. If a seat is not available and he/she is selected number 1 in the drawing, he/she will not be admitted unless and until a seat becomes available. In this case, your child will be placed on the wait list. Your child will remain on the wait list until the following year, at which time the wait list DOES NOT roll over. You must complete another application the following year.

STEMCivics is a free public school that is open to all residents of New Jersey, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin or disability of the students or the parents/guardians.


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