A college preparatory high school
Opened September 2014

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All students will study four years of college preparatory science, engineering, and math. Every student will have a Chromebook, or a similar primary digital learning resource, ensuring an infusing of technology throughout the curriculum.

In science, students will study alongside professionals from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Geological Society. Trenton has attractive qualities for environmental study. It is an urban environment near an airport and bordered by a river. These attributes provide STEMCivics students with multiple opportunities to engage in project-based learning in the community.

The engineering component of STEMCivics is the Project Lead the Way program, the gold standard in engineering programs in the country. The PLTW curriculum stresses 21st Century skills, and prepares students to be among the best prepared students as they enter college and the workplace. STEMCivics will participate in the FIRST robotics extra-curricular activity, a program in which students build robotics to meet a challenge. FIRST is a national competition, with almost 3,000 teams and over 70,000 high school students involved in the 2014 challenge.

Mathematical thinking applies across the STEM curriculum, as students develop and enhance their problem skills which are necessary to understand and communicate fundamental ideas and concepts in mathematics and in other subjects as well. Further, students will participate in math leagues and other single-day competitions.  
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