A college preparatory high school
Opened September 2014

609-619-2000 |

Program of Study

STEMCivics provides a rigorous academic program that ensures students are prepared to succeed in college and in their careers. Students will engage in project-based and career-based learning activities.
Grade Science English Math Engineering Social Studies Latin              PE/Health Art/Engineering
9 Environmental Science Eng I Algebra Introduction to Engineering Design Modern World History Latin I PE/H I Music History and Appreciation
10 Biology Eng II Algebra I/
Principles of Engineering Early US History Latin II PE/H II Biotechnical Engineering
11 Chemistry Eng III Geometry/
Algebra II
Aerospace Engineering Modern US History/ Economics Latin III PE/H III Civil Engineering & Architecture
12 Physics Eng IV Algebra II/
Engineering Design and Development European History/ Financial Literacy Latin IV PE/H IV Environmental Sustainability
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